Pulau Penang

Pulau Penang

June 17, 2019 1 By admin

13.06.2019 – Alarm at 7am – had a bad night, could not sleep cause Sarah was wake all theTime. Due to the fact that we had to catch a flight to Penang today our breakfast was a really fast one. As we hit the train station I realized that I forgot to estimate the time travelling to the airport during rushhour. It was crowded but the people managed to stay calm and take care of the others surrounding them. So it was not like the chaos in germany when a train or a bus is crowded where everybody fights against the others. The only problem I had was my fucking mosquito stiches. I could not stop to scratch these tiny red spots all over my body.

The KLIA ekspres was almost empty. Checkin and security was easy going and the flight with Malaysia Airlines was calm, but I was sober so the flight was aweful for me. I have this continuous feeling of fear when I fly and I am not drunk. Hate that feeling. But there was no alcohol at the airport.

Well we survived and took the 401E Bus to komtar which was a place in the centre of Georgetown. Sarah was falling asleep in the bus. After reaching Komtar we took a taxi to the guest house. Lil bit overpayed, but who cares. We needed a quick rest. We had a very funny taxi driver.

Guest House was warm but the room was okay. Bit too pink for my sense of taste. After our arrival we were hungry, so we went to the japanese restaurant on the other side of the street. We had some fish and chicken cutlet (katsudo-style). Chicken katsu with Creme Stew. Then we had a sleep, walked to the supermarket and bought some fruits. Cheap mangos there!

We straightly headed to the “beach”. Was a fail, cause it was kind of a fisher port. Not a beach where you want to have a bath. Anyways we had one mango there, it was delicious.

We went back to hostel to make ourselfes a picture of the city and th island.

Sarah had found a good place to eat some dinner. RED GARDEN! Nice foodplace. It was like an arena. People sitting in the middle of that open air place and all around us there were small food stands with delicious specialities from different countries. These places are called “Hawker Centers”. You can find them everywhere in Malaysia, Singapur and other places. We had different meals which we both shared. We had satay, some veggies, indian food, mango sticky rice and deep fried chicken feet. Awesome meals! Of course the chicken feet were kind of scary. After that food party we went straight back home and to sleep.

Next day we woke up late. Went to 7eleven for breakfast. Was somehow discusting but we had some carbs and sugars that kept the engine running. After that short stop we took a grab to the Penang National Park. We needed round about 40min cause the traffic in Georgetown was horrible. We paid 25 Rigit for the 20km drive. So it was very cheap for us. Grab is cool! When we arrived we were overwhelmed with info. Unfortunately the way to the monkey beach was closed and the beach was only reachable by boat. We could take a boat but we decided to take the alternative route to the turtle beach. The way was really tough and the weather was sunny, hot and humid. We walked for 80min through the jungle after we reached the beach. Totally soaked with our own sweat. Not so many people took this route. We have seen maybe 10 other people at the beach. At the beach turtle observation center we could see some small baby turtles.

We entered the water with our feet but swimming was not allowed cause there were poisonous jellyfish in the water. 2 or 3 people died cause of these tiny guys. So we just got in with our feet. Was okay. Hang around there for 1h took some pictures and went back. After 68min. We arrived at the info center. Had a Coke and walked into the direction of Batu Ferrenghi. We took a bus until we reached the rather crowded beach of Batu Ferrenghi. But still it was a nice beach. Had a swim and relaxed in the sun from 5-7pm. Then we went for the night market. Sarah bought some harem pants which looked really nice and the price was good aswell.

After the shopping we went back to beach for sunset. Then we had a foodporn dinner again. After dinner took the bus back to Georgetown (Jalan Burma). In the bus we met two malays which were interested in having a talk. We talked about Germany and mostly about food. Learned a lot about malay food. Was curious to taste it all!

Good nite.

The next morning we woke up at 9am and decided to have a breakfast in the city. So we started walking around. 10am and went to chinatown first to have our breakfast. Had some warm dishes. Some dumplings and other stuff which we could not identify but it was good.

We followed the Georgetown heritage streetart roads to see the nice graffity street art there. Very nice! Then went to queen victoria memorial clock tower – not so impressive…

We found a funny museum called Wonderfood museum. It was about food and they showed some funny ultra big dishes. We learned a lot about the names of the meals we have to eat in future.

Then we decided to make a rest. Went home had some nasi kandar (i ate with hands) then we went to sleep.

After a short break we started our trip to Penang Hill which was planned as 5km 2,5h walk. We took a grab to the youth park where the trail started.

It was a steep ascent at the beginning where we made 120meters in 15min. The way flattened a bit and than began to get crazy step again. At the beginning we had a lot of people around us. Coming from top and walking up aswell. But then after 1,5h of walking the way was not easy to find anymore. We lost the path and went somehow a bit offroad. Normally this would not be a problem but now it got dark cause the sun was drowning slowly. We started the trek round about 5:30pm. Our plan was to walk up in less then 2h cause it was described as a 5km ascent to the top. Nothing really super special. But the info was giving before we started was somehow faulty. When it got dark Sarah became a little bit frightend. But I told her to relax. We would do it without any problems. We continued our way thru the jungle. Bats started to appear. It was so dark that I took out my headlamp, which I took cause I was not sure if we reach home before dawn. After another steep part we found some signs which guided us the way. We have been kind of offroad. But it worked. After 2,5h we reached the top. If we had not struggled with the right path I think 2h were realistic. But no signs no marks just intuition led us the way up.

At the top there was a temple and a hindu festival cause of the 12 years renovation. The people in the ceremony invited us for some food. We declined cause we wanted to roam around at the top and take some pictures. Beautiful view from up there. We took the Skytrain down to the valley.

From the station we walked down the alley. Found an eating place (Hawker Centre). Had some nice dinner.

Took the free cat Bus. Then 201 to Komtar. Then walked home. 35000 steps done today!!!

By the way when you visit Penang you should check out the routes of the free buses (CAT).



Woke up late after 10am. Had a healthy breakfast. Yoghurt with mango,banana and apples. YIAMMY!

Went to the tech museum. Sarah was not too amused. It was awesome. Games, tech and science.

After i bought a sim card. Took a grab to the beach. Relaxed there in the sun. At 4pm the sun was still burning crazy. Met some german (Bjarne) who works in Kuala Lumpur. Got an invitation to his apartment. We will see if this works out.

After went to the night market again. Then we took a grab back to Georgetown to Jalan Chulia where lots of food could be found. Had a Shawarma and a cheesy lahmajun. Jalan Chulia is known as the backpacker place. Went home and had a sleep.


Woke up at 9am. Made a wash. Had yoghurt with fruits for breakfast. Started the day with shopping in Komtar and Time Square. Went to Clan Jetties where we bought an uno game.

The Clan Jetties are a marketplace on the water. The whole thing stands on piles. It was a long history. Somehow everybody and everything was chinese. It was a floating village for the first chinese clans on Penang. They settled there and traded and lived around these floating huts. If you wanna read more here:

Clan Jetties Floating Village

After the jetties we checked out the ferry, which we had to take tomorrow. Actually no ticket counter could be found. We went to the interactive museum of Penang, which was closed forever! 🙁

So we decided to walk to the bank area get some money and then walk to little india. We hit a great Indian restaurant (Restaurant Kapitan – Chulia Str). Awesome food. Took Bus back home. The busdriver almost killed a scooter driver. But nothing happend. It took us 15min from city to Jalan Burma.

Had a small chill at home cause we have been tired. The weather was really making us lazy. It felt as if the rain should start but was too lazy to fall, so the temperature and humidity was tireding.

After this break we went to Wat Buppharam which is a buddistic temple with some buddah statues. It was recommended in several places so we went there. It was not far away from our home. Maybe 15min walk. As we arrived the temple and the area around was closed. The opening times were from 7am-6pm. It was 6:30pm, so we slightly missed it. We took a picture at the gate which was very beautiful aswell. With lots of golden elements and colorful paintings. We needed a Plan B. Sarah was talking about a special icecream which was called “ais kacang” for the last days. It is a malayan speciallity. She wanted to taste it so we walked to the next “ais kacang” place we could find. Let me describe the food. It is very fine crushed ice with some sort of syrup. In addition we have some maize, red beans, jelly grass and some sort of candy we could not identify. The strange topping is served directly on the crushed ice. Interessting food. It was not ours but the beans with the ice had been very good.

While eating the icecream we were thinking what to do after. We decided that a movie in a malayan cinema would be nice. So we went to Komtar and watched Aladdin with Will Smith. The movie theatre was modern and the sound was very loud and good. I was used to the fact that the asian countries seem to have no regulations to the maximum volume. It was a bit cold inside the cinema but I made the mistake to wear flipflops in other choice I would not have frozen. For 15,5 Ringit I got a 1 liter Pepsi and a portion of caramel popcorn. Caramel popcorn is sooooo tasty, I love it. Before the film even started the popcorn was empty.

After the movie we went straight to bed cause the next day was travel day. Next destination Pulau Pangkor.